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Our story

Rokman Media was founded in 2014 to address the assymetry of information between professional services clients and advisers.

We’ve leveraged our backgrounds in professional services industries, including law, tax, human resources and immigration, to build publishing and service solutions that connect advisers with our highly-motivated audiences.

Our mission

Our mission is to redress the balance of information inequality that exists between professional services advisers and their intended audiences for mutual benefit.

We’re as passionate about professional interests as the firms we work with. We believe improving access to information helps both buyers and service providers. Collectively, we’re building publishing and service solutions that connect advisers with our highly-motivated audiences.

What we do

We create content, products and services that redress the balance of information inequality in professional services markets by informing, influencing and having impact.

We share knowledge to help the self-helpers, while creating opportunities for advisers to showcase their expertise and to reach and connect with potential clients.

Our family of publishing brands are closing the knowledge imbalance between professional advisers and potential clients, while providing us with unique data insights into professional interest audiences.

We do this by informing audiences through market-leading content, influencing and empowering our audiences to become motivated buyers, and by delivering impact for our commercial partners through valuable connections.

We inform

We are market-leading, professional interest publishers.

When people and businesses purchase professional services like legal or tax advice, they can suffer from unfair agreements or adverse situations such as seller opportunism and overcharging due to information inequality between the parties.  

Our mission is to balance this information asymmetry between ‘client’ and ‘professional adviser’.

We do this by creating comprehensive professional interest content and digital experiences, and connecting our audiences to advisers that can help. 

We take a data insight & customer-led approach in everything we do. Every piece of content is carefully curated in line with areas of information search and satisfaction. We listen to our audiences and work closely with our commercial partners to create premium experiences across our portfolio of brands.

We influence

Information inequality is the root cause of unrealised opportunities for both professional services buyers and advisers.

The net effect is that businesses and consumers are unable to avail of the optimal solution to their issues, while advisers are missing out on work.

Our publishing brands are closing these gaps, turning audiences into motivated buyers and potential clients.


We have impact

We utilise our extensive data and insight gained from our publishing platforms to help brands find new business opportunities and exposure to assist in differentiation.

By leveraging these data insights, we create bespoke digital marketing solutions for brands to build commercially-advantageous relationships.


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